The Barbara + Cecile Handbag line focuses on contemporary design with a dash of whimsy. An alternative to mass production, high quality leathers and hardware are used to create limited edition pieces. Tired of the mass-produced sameness found in the fast fashion industry, Barbara + Cecile Handbags aims to brings the artistry back to the manufacturing process. Every step is meaningful from the design process to hand picking the leathers to crafting our bags in-house, every step brings joy in knowing it is done right. 



About the Designer

It is important to know where you came from in order to know where you are going.

Barbara + Cecile Handbags was born from Monica Jones' desire to create works that are both beautiful and functional.  Named for her grandmothers, Barbara was originally from England and Cecile is Manitoba Métis, Monica draws inspiration from the melding of these cultures, from the landscape around her and from her love of music.  After graduating with a bachelors degree in jazz performance on saxophone Monica began experimenting in sewing and design.  She spent the next few years sewing custom clutches for weddings while honing her skills through design classes and countless hours of practice.  Barbara + Cecile Handbags was established in 2014 and Monica also remains active in the music community of Winnipeg.