New Print -Wave Inspired Fabric Design

I've finished designing a new print for 2015/16, inspired by the flowing movement of water and vibrant tropical ocean colours.  While I was visiting Mexico last winter I was really inspired by the colours of the ocean, the warm sand tones mixing into dull blues and then super vivid aqua and teals to dark navy tones and I imagined what it might look like from overhead if all of these colours started to swirl into one another.  I used watercolours as my medium and then transferred my work into a digital file and then played around with that to create the fabric print you see below.

This print will be used as lining for some of my handbags because I believe the inside of a bag is just as important as the outside. I've also decided to use the print on the outside of some bags as well, mixing it with leathers to create a truly unique product, coming soon...   


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