Mini upcycled clothing collection

Now available at Old House Revival in Winnipeg, 324 Young Street in the basement. Featuring handmade kimonos using vintage fabric remnants, block printed retro pieces and other goodies!

Pink Ombre Dresser

This was such a fun project! My immediate reaction to this dresser was that it had curvy feminine lines so I should paint it pink and call it a day. But then I decided to push myself and try something a little more creative. Thus the pink ombre idea came and I painted out the… Continue reading Pink Ombre Dresser

Recycle and Repurpose your leather or suede coat

Repurpose and recycle your leather or suede jacket. Do you have an old jacket sitting at the back of your closet gathering dust? Perhaps it belonged to someone else and you are hanging onto it for sentimental reasons but will never wear it yourself. Why not create a new bag from an old coat? We… Continue reading Recycle and Repurpose your leather or suede coat