A Toddler’s whimsical bedroom

This was one of the first rooms we completed in our 1961 bungalow. It’s constantly evolving of course but here it is shortly after christmas.

I found this amazing vintage woodland scene bear rug recently and knew it would find a perfect home here. The rattan rocking chair is also a retro find and I added my own pillows as it didn’t come with any.

The cartoon like animal art is painted by me, a loose representation of the animals found on his IKEA bedding. My aunt refinished the kids table and chair with a space theme, he loves sitting at it to read or colour.

We use a mid century low boy dresser as storage for all his clothes and diapers as well as a change table for the time being. Once he’s potty trained the change pad will go but this piece of furniture will serve a purpose for years to come. I’m thinking about giving it a bit of a refresh one of these days…

And the ceiling is my favourite part! I painted it a dark blue, added some lighter areas and then hand painted each white dot with the help of my cousin Chloe. I added a few glow in the dark stars and the light fixture was added as an afterthought after I saw this post from A Beautiful Mess, however it just makes the room, it’s my favourite part.

Here is a photo of the room from when we bought the house. We basically changed everything. This flooring was in two of the three bedrooms and hallway. We were very lucky (thanks to my mom for scouring kijiji) to find red oak hardwood flooring being taken out of a house in the city and we bought it and reclaimed it for our home. Our floor guy (eco forest flooring) said it will probably last 100 years. I will post about this flooring project so stay tuned for more info on that adventure!

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