Things are changing…

Looking for Barbara + Cecile Handbags? You’ve come to the right place, only I’m evolving a bit right now. I’m branching out from making leather handbags. I have a lot interests and I want a place where I can amalgamate them all. Read on to hear more about the changes I’m making.

I’ve decided to focus on being less wasteful and re-purposing more when it comes to my business. I’ve always loved re-purposing leather and suede jackets into bags so I’m expanding that notion into the categories of fashion and home design.  I’ve been working on up-cycling vintage furniture and other things for the home including vintage wares which can be found for sale in the basement of Old House Revival in Winnipeg, MB @ 324 Young Street, under my new name At Home with Miss Jones.

I will also still have my Etsy shop with handmade things for sale but also some up-cycled items and vintage items as well. I will still take custom orders for handmade bags and repurposing leather and suede jackets so please contact me if you’d like more information on that:

I’ve also recently moved into a bit of a fixer upper home and have been designing and decorating this home and posting about it on instagram. This blog will be a place where I can go into more detail on those topics.

And last but not least I am also a musician: jazz saxophone and vocals. So I may share about that topic as well here.

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